As a direct result of excellent feedback from our customers, we are pleased to offer you a 12 month Guarantee against shredding on our full range of windsocks. Should your Flyrite windsock become shredded from normal use – Gale Force 7 gusting to 40 knots, within 12 months, you will get a no risk, no quibble, refund or replacement.
In the unlikely event of premature shredding, we ask for your Flyrite windsocks to be returned to us, so that we can inspect them and ascertain how and where they can be improved. We will arrange collection by courier or send you a pre-paid package for your convenience. See our returns policy.

Flyrite have customers in locations all over the world including: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Siberia, Sweden, Africa, Argentina and Mexico to name but a few. These places have some of the most hostile weather systems on our planet. What better test do you need to demonstrate that your Flyrite windsocks will give you the service that you are looking for no matter how severe the weather?

At Flyrite Windsocks we don’t skimp on our choice of materials; what you get is the latest, toughest fabric – PU (Polyurethane) Reinforced Polyester High visibility, High Strength fabric that WILL NOT ROT OR FREEZE, and ropes that will not damage your equipment yet are so strong that they can support 300 kg each and will comfortably outlast the life of your windsock.

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