Aircraft Commerce and Aircraft IT have joined forces with a group of best-in-class consultants to form ‘Aircraft Commerce Consulting’. This uniquely-capable and experienced team now stands ready to work with airlines and aircraft operators in developing strategies to unlock and enhance the full potential of both aircraft operations and associated IT systems. Contact us and find out how your airline can tap into this unrivalled industry knowledge.

Key Services Include:

  • IT Systems Auditsbenchmarking current processes against industry standards. Discover where improvements can be made and how to future-proof your systems against changing technology and regulations.

  • Fuel and Operational Efficiency Analysis streamline your fuel efficiency programme and learn how and where to make significant savings. No fuel efficiency programme yet? We can assist you to set up a programme exactly tailored to your operations.

  • IT System Selection, Implementation and Support Including: EFB, ETL, Maintenance & Engineering, Paperless Manuals and Documents, Fuel Efficiency, Crew Planning, Flight Planning, Big Data Analytics, Connectivity, and lots more. Use our unrivalled knowledge of market options and vendors.

  • Other Services – Lifecycle Cost Modelling; Airline Training Programmes.

West Point, 2nd Floor, Springfield Road
Horsham, West Sussex RH12 2PD UK

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