Aerospace Clusters Alliance

A Global Collaborative Network

Aerospace Clusters Alliance – ACA is a dynamic new alliance of aerospace companies spanning the Southern region of UK, and linked to local and international Partners and organisations for both collaboration and business objectives.

Our Vision

The vision for ACA is to be the premier support organisation for pro-active new business development, achieved by creating a centralised location for personally selected “Best of Class” participants to identify opportunities, activities and events which will initiate and support their international sales efforts – the ‘go-to’ location for new business development and sales.

ACA offers

Support from Aerospace sector specialists with extensive international experience  –  supporting clients to achieve international success through promotion of their combined capabilities worldwide.


  • A single source of multiple capabilities to offer to markets worldwide
  • Options for cluster & Peer to Peer development
  • Actively sourced sales opportunities
  • Initiative with industry to promote capabilities worldwide at key shows
  • Access to networking activities nationally & internationally
  • Access to a centralised directory of events, grants, missions and exhibitions
  • Linkages   with complimentary international companies, consortiums & clusters
  • Linkages to Universities, Trade Associations, British Embassies & Consulates
  • Linkages to European Chambers of Commerce
  • Access to 1 to 1 strategic support & consultancy services
  • Meet the Buyer events
  • Foreign Exchange platform for competitive international currency transactions
  • Finance options